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January 2008

Mr. January 2008
Todd Harra

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February 2008

Mr. February 2008
Brad Masters
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March 2008

Mr. March 2008
Travis Barton
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April 2008

Mr. April 2008
Tom Geisel II

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May 2008

Mr. May 2008
Cody Jones

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June 2008

Mr. June 2008
Kenneth McKenzie

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July 2008

Mr. July 2008
Kevin Devine
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August 2008

Mr. August 2008
David Fisch
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September 2008

Mr. September 2008
Paul Von Seggern

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October 2008

Mr. October 2008
Frank Campailla

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November 2008

Mr. November 2008
Mike Hanes

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December 2008

Mr. December 2008
Nick Martinson

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January 2009

Mr. January 2009
Ken Sheets

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February 2009

Mr. February 2009
Andrew Slakey

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