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In 2007, Ken McKenzie of McKenzie Mortuary of Long Beach, California created the “The Men of Mortuaries” calendar. These men are all funeral directors and morticians from across the U.S. They were selected and volunteered their time to raise money for Kamm Cares. To learn more, visit These men are not professional models.
The calendar raised so much positive feedback about the death care industry. Ken McKenzie was voted by his professional peers as the outstanding funeral director of California.

2008 Men of Mortuaries Calendar

Once the calendar hit international success, the next idea to raise money for was to create a book about the unique, the unusual and the untold goings-on inside a mortuary. The book, Mortuary Confidential's popularity grew into a second book about to hit the stores. What could top all this? A television show is being discussed about Ken’s daily dealings with death. Stay tuned for further announcements.